M&D 19: Sara Lawson, Sew Sweetness


In segment 1, I talk about researching and getting a new phone. I got the iPhone XR. Apple had a very good trade-in amount for my old 6SPlus phone which reduced the overall cost of this pricey phone into more affordable-ish - land :)

Click logo to go to Sara’s website

Click logo to go to Sara’s website

My podcast guest this week is Sara Lawson, from Sew Sweetness Patterns!!!! Sara is a bag pattern designer and has two weekly live facebook and youtube video shows, AND she is a fellow Chicagoan woot woot! We chat about it all…when and how Sara started sewing, origins of her blog and pattern design to her video tutorials that are available for most of her patterns.

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One of the first bags that Sara made is from Amy Butler’s book from 2010 Style Stitches, and made and blogged about each bag in this book. I love her fabric combinations and tips about how she made each bag.

I believe this book is out of print, but I found one on ebay and should receive it by the time this post is published. You can also get the kindle edition on amazon - see my affiliate link below.

Cosmo Bag blog post by Sara Lawson, pattern from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches book

Cosmo Bag blog post by Sara Lawson, pattern from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches book

Here is the information on the Sew Sweetness 6 month book club starting on February 12, 2019. There will be 6 free video projects to go with each book! https://sewsweetness.com/2019/01/sew-sweetness-book-club.html

Sara’s Pellon projects can be found here http://www.pellonprojects.com/designers/sara-lawson/

Types of Stabilizers for bag making with my affiliate links:

Pellon SF 101: medium weight woven fusible stabilizer that works well with quilting cottons in bag making
Pellon Pelltex Ultra Firm 71F one sided fusible stabilier

These are different brand types of sew in foam stabilizers, they are used in the same way, just different brands. Foam really ups the bag making game and makes very nice structured bags.

Annie’s Soft and Stable Foam

Pellon Flex Foam