My name is Stephanie Socha, and I am a maker and interior designer, based in the Chicago metro area. I have been a residential interior designer for 15 years. I have worked in retail and high-end markets. In 2007, I launched my own small residential interior design business. In 2008, I also began to freelance for one local high-end designer, which has given me a broad knowledge of high vs low design solutions. My strength is in knowing how to produce a high-end look with a mixture of quality and affordability in interior design.  I offer design service via my online shop here. I love to help my clients decorate their homes to reflect who they are.  I believe that decorating a home can be affordable and stylish for all budget levels. 

Around the same time (late 2007), I began sewing again – mostly apparel and home dec items.  One thing I have always wanted to do…make a quilt.  I finally tried quilting around 2010, and it was amazing! The creativity, artistry and fulfillment I get from making a quilt is like none other.  Quilting is always part of my repertoire, as well as other sewing arts and home dec, of course.

As a maker in the sewing and quilting world, I have fallen in love with the people in this diverse and talented community. This is where I thrive creatively and socially. I listen to all the creative podcasts, and have wanted to launch my own creative podcast for years!!  Finally, I am making the leap.  Stay tuned for the launch of my new podcast, Make & Decorate. The mission of this podcast is to inspire, inform and entertain makers.

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Happy Making and Decorating!!

Stephanie Socha

Allied ASID