New "Mini-sode" Ep. 9 Sewing with Fleece, machine repair? and hot knife pumpkin carving

I am adding some new episodes to the in-between weeks of my Make and Decorate podcast. I call them “Mini-sodes”. This week I have a lot to chat about, I did some fleece sewing with my niece, Ava, then had my beloved Bernina machine in the repair shop, only to learn of it’s early demise, and my emotional battle to replace it with a new to me (used) Bernina machine from a local dealer, Thimbles Quilts . I did an unbox youtube video on my Bernina 780 (click on youtube video below). Finally, I talk about a new tool I used to carve my craft foam pumpkin - a hot knife.

I hope you enjoy this mini-sode. Let me know if you want to hear more of these in the in-between weeks of the regular episodes.

Have a great start to November!!